What is Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth marketing is a 100% organic form of promotion because it depends on person-to-person interactions to share information about products and services; it is driven by real people with real opinions. Why it works: Why it works:

Natural, genuine, and honest — If you've ever told a friend about your favorite Italian restaurant or your favorite brand of crackers, then you've already participated in word of mouth! Word of mouth is so powerful because your friends trust your opinions, and you genuinely want them to have the same positive experience with a product, service, or brand that you've had.

No Gimmicks — With word of mouth, the focus is directly on the pros and cons of a given product or service, so when people talk, it matters because it is truthful. A great product doesn't need scantily clad women, or false guarantees to sell. A great product sells itself, especially when you give the consumer a first hand experience with it.


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