GreenerFolks Terms and Condition of Service

All GreenerFolks services and/or products are operated by and remain sole property of GreenerFolks ("GreenerFolks"). Use of the GreenerFolks web site (the "Web site") constitutes agreement on behalf of the user (the "User") to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") of Service (this "Agreement"). To become a participant in the GreenerFolks network (an "Associate" in the "Network") and make use of GreenerFolks services and products (the "Services and Products") and/or programs (the "Programs"), please read this document and provide indication of your acceptance when prompted to do so on the Sign Up page.

This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms of your use of the Web site, Services and Products and is subject to change without prior notice, to be effective after GreenerFolks announces said changes on their Web site.

  1. GreenerFolks Content

    All the content (the "Content") of the Web site and of any and all other GreenerFolks Services and Products and/or Programs are protected under United States and foreign copyright, trademark and other laws. All GreenerFolks Content is GreenerFolks' exclusive property. Unauthorized use of the Content is a violation of copyright, trademark, and other laws. All copyright, trademark, service mark and other proprietary notices contained in GreenerFolks Content must be included by the user on any permitted copy of the Content made by a user. The use of GreenerFolks Content, including code, on any other web site for any purpose is prohibited. GreenerFolks makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its content, but cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, including but not limited to: misspellings, mistakes, and claims.

  2. Copyrights and Trademarks

    All materials featured on the Web site are copyrighted under the United States and other copyright laws, and is the intellectual property of GreenerFolks. or its clients, unless otherwise noted or attributed.

    Users are allowed to view, copy, download, e-mail, or print the Content of the Web site under the conditions that such materials will only be used for non-commercial purposes and will not be altered in any way unless otherwise noted. Otherwise, the Content may not be used in any manner without express written permission from GreenerFolks.

  3. Eligibility and Responsibility

    By federally mandated law, you must be at least 13 years old to visit or use GreenerFolks' Content, Services and Products, and Web site in any and all manners. The use of the Web-site and/or any other Product or Service by anyone under the age of 13 is strictly prohibited by law. Using this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms by the User and serves as proof that the User is eligible to make such concessions and/or to enter into such a legally binding relationship with GreenerFolks. Furthermore, by accepting this Agreement, you agree to provide honest and correct information to the GreenerFolks throughout the duration of your participation, subject to verification at any time. Any falsification of information and/or any other deceitful action on the part of the Associate will constitute a violation of these Terms and Conditions. These obligations cannot be assigned to others and Users will be held accountable for said violations and all applicable measures will be taken by GreenerFolks.

  4. Security Rules

    Participants shall make no attempt to interfere with the security or integrity of any GreenerFolks Site, Product and Service, and Program at any time or in any manner. Any violation will result in possible civil or criminal liability and the termination of violator as an Associate. Consequently, GreenerFolks, LLC retains the right to investigate such cases and any other breach of these Terms to the fullest lawful extent.

  5. Term

    These Terms and Conditions are effective as soon as you use the Web site or become a GreenerFolks Associate. You may terminate your participation in the GreenerFolks Network at any time, for any reason. GreenerFolks may terminate you as an Associate for any reason, at any time. If you are terminated by GreenerFolks, you permanently relinquish the right to receive any benefits ("Benefits"), including but not limited to promotional giveaways, rewards, and other goods and services.

  6. Privacy

    Use of the Web site and/or other GreenerFolks Products and Services and/or Programs is additionally constrained by our Privacy Policy.

  7. Liability

    GreenerFolks, LLC does not and can not make any representations about the accuracy of any Content that has been submitted by a User and is under no legal obligation to make such representations. Users and Associates assume all risks associated with engaging in contact with other Users and Associates, which may include exposure to harmful or inaccurate information. Though GreenerFolks makes every effort to ensure the integrity of its Associates, it cannot be held responsible or liable in any way in the event that you come in conflict with any other Associate or User.

  8. Disclaimer of Consequential Damages


  9. Limitation of Liability

    GreenerFolks, its employees, associates, and clients shall not be liable or responsible for any damages arising out of, or in any way connected with an Associate's use of the Web site, Products and/or Services, subject to local and federal law.

  10. GreenerFolks maximum liability arising out of or in connection with any GreenerFolks site or your use of GreenerFolks, or the GreenerFolks Content without respect to the action shall not exceed $150.

  11. Confidentiality

    It is the responsibility of the User and Associate (not GreenerFolks) to maintain the confidentiality of all pieces of information relating to your account, and to inform GreenerFolksof any suspected wrongdoing associated with the account, as stipulated in the Privacy Policy.

  12. Import and Export Restrictions

    The Content of the Web site and all Products and Services are subject to the laws of the United States only and may not be legal in elsewhere. GreenerFolks makes no claims as to the legality of its policies and practices outside of the United States.

  13. Participant Submission

    All personally identifiable information that a User submits to GreenerFolks will be considered private and confidential as outlined in our Privacy Policy. All other information provided by the User, whether posted to the Web site or communicated in any other way, will be treated as non-confidential and will not be subject to the terms of privacy. By providing such information, you are giving GreenerFolks and its employees, associates, and clients the right to use your submission/s (“Submission/s') in any way, including but not limited to modifying, editing, distributing, and translating it for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, Users must comply with the following conditions when submitting information:

    i. Submission/s must be your own original work or you must have all the applicable rights to represent the work of others;
    ii. you must obtain full rights, possibly including but not limited to written permission and verbal consent, of individuals represented in your Submission/s if such work contains personally identifiable information about said individuals;
    iii. you agree to relinquish your rights to your Submission/s as described herein;
    iv. you indemnify GreenerFolks against any potential expenses or damages that may occur if you breach this Agreement.
  14. Product Shipment

    GreenerFolks cannot be held responsible, nor can it guarantee, the condition or timeliness of Products and Services shipped during the course of normal business.

  15. Resale

    The Products and Services of GreenerFolks are in no way intended for resale by you or any third party. Violation of these Terms will result in immediate cancellation of a User's relationship with GreenerFolks and may be subject to criminal investigation and/or prosecution.

  16. Benefits

    GreenerFolks may provide certain Benefits to its Users and Associates, but cannot guarantee these benefits in any way, nor can it be held responsible or liable if you are not granted or do not receive benefits.

  17. Eligibility for Participation in GreenerFolks Programs and Services

    GreenerFolks retains the right to determine whether or not a User/Associate is eligible to participate in any of our Programs and Services. At any point, a User's eligibility may be revoked by GreenerFolks for any reason, including violation of these terms.

  18. Indemnity

    Acceptance of this Agreement by a User releases GreenerFolks, affiliates, employees, agents, and other partners, from any potential liability made by third-parties that may result from your relationship with GreenerFolks, its Products and Services, and its Programs, or from your breach of the Terms and Conditions.

  19. Compliance with the Law

    You must comply with all federal, state, local and foreign laws, rules, regulations and any other applicable condition concerning the use of the GreenerFolks Web site, including those laws and conditions issued by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any potential legal action taken by a User or a third party will be pursued in a state or federal court in Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Your acceptance of this Agreement enters you and GreenerFolks into an agreement as to the jurisdiction of these courts in any and all legal actions.

    The Terms and Conditions herein constitute the entire "Agreement" between GreenerFolks and each User and/or Associate, covering said User's/Associate's use of the Content, Web site, Products and Services, and Programs.

  20. Notices and Legal Disclaimer

    You agree that GreenerFolks may provide to you important notices, agreements and other information electronically. Whenever possible such information will be posted on the Web site. The User retains the right to withdraw your consent by discontinuing use of this Web site.

    GreenerFolks retains the right to modify, edit, change, or alter the information contained herein and in all other Content at any time without notice. Users are responsible for reading Terms and Conditions at their own discretion.

    GreenerFolks cannot and does not make any representations or guarantees about any of the Benefits it provides to Users and Affiliates, including but not limited to, product samples and/or mailings.


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