Privacy Policy

GreenerFolks' Privacy Policy is designed to protect you to the highest degree possible. Your personal information will never be sold or shared with anyone without your direct consent. By becoming a GreenerFolk, you are allowing us to occasionally send you important information through e-mail. If you participate in a campaign, we will share your evaluations (but not your personal information) with our clients. Please find more details below:

Greener Folks Terms of Service Agreement

We will safeguard any overtly personal information that you provide to us at all times. An associate has the option to share personal information with a third party by selecting to participate in campaigns, programs or any other services that may request your personal information; this may include, but is not limited to: your full name, date of birth, mailing address, occupation, hobbies, and e-mail address. Whenever possible, GreenerFolks will indicate which pieces of information will be shared with a third party.

Information Collection & Use

GreenerFolks retains sole ownership of all the information collected on this site and from any licensed service or products, subject to the Terms of Service above. GreenerFolks may share with its partners completely anonymous statistical and/or demographic data. GreenerFolks will never disclose personally identifiable information without your consent unless required to do so by law.


Associates must complete the registration form to use this website and will be required to provide contact and other information. You will also be required to provide and verify a valid email address before creating an official account, which will be used by GreenerFolks to inform you of new opportunities and campaign and operational details. Additional, creating an account requires a user to provide proof of address, which guards GreenerFolks from fraudulent activities.


After registration, GreenerFolks provides new associates with a password and an account. It is the responsibility of each associate to protect this information because you are entirely responsible for any and all activities undertaken with this account. It is also your responsibility to inform GreenerFolks if you notice any theft, fraudulent activity, or otherwise unauthorized use of your account.

Our Cookies

GreenerFolks may store unique user data, or cookies, that are generated when you visit our website. Users can choose not to accept these cookies.

Log Files

GreenerFolks occasionally tracks additional anonymous information from our associates in order to improve your interactions with us. This information tracks details about what kind of operating system/software you are using and what your location is. Again, this information can not be traced back to any individuals and is completely anonymous.


GreenerFolks continually strives to protect all of your private information. When you transmit information to us, the data is encrypted by Secure Socket Layers (SSL) software and/or equivalent software and firewalls. Information submitted through our website and/or stored by GreenerFolks or our affiliates, including personally identifiable information, is shared with employees of GreenerFolks. only when such information is necessary for the completion employees' duties, in keeping with standard business practices. Associates are responsible for protecting their own passwords and should exercise routine care when on-line.

Special Offers & E-mail

New members are initiated through e-mail and e-mail is the primary means of contact between GreenerFolks and its associates. Registering to use GreenerFolks' website or services gives us your consent to send these emails.

Site & Service Announcements

Some information, such as changes in operational details, may be communicated to our associates regardless of whether or not said associate has unsubscribed to announcement services. Such announcements are made infrequently, contain only the most important information, and are often posted on the GreenerFolks website.

Correction/Updating Personal Information

GreenerFolks reserve the right to edit or change their personal information at any time.

Age/Residency Requirements

GreenerFolks complies with the federally mandated Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). To become an associate of GreenerFolks, you must: (1) be 13 years old or older (2) be a legal resident of the United States or Canada, and (3) hold of a valid e-mail address. GreenerFolks. retains the rights to: (1) enroll individuals only, (2) terminate membership at any time, and (3) make changes to its operations and licensed services at any time, with or without providing notice. GreenerFolks cannot be held liable to any associate or any third party should these rights be exercised.


Both parties (GreenerFolks and you/its affiliate) may terminate the service with or without cause at any time. GreenerFolks will not be liable to the associate or any third party for termination of service.


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