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GreenerFolks offers word of mouth marketing solutions for green and eco-friendly companies who are looking for a more effective way to reach consumers, build brand evangelism, and create an uptick in sales.

GreenerFolks represents the convergence of commerce and community, thus bridging the gap between businesses and their potential customers through word of mouth promotional strategies and targeted product sampling. The members of our community are primary target consumers for environmentally responsible products. They passionately share their thoughts with family, friends, and other interested people. More importantly, these individuals spread the word about your business in natural dialogues, giving a personalized and compelling account of your products or services.

Your company benefits not only from the on-going word of mouth that is generated, but also from the direct communication with the user. GreenerFolks provide us with their opinions, comments and suggestions. By collaborating with your business, our group of informed consumers can help you devise, or revise, your marketing goals.

We work with you to design the parameters of your promotion, making sure the desired results are integrated into the campaign from the beginning. We identify members in our database that fit your consumer profile, give them guidance on the product and the promotion, and request reports on their activity. The feedback that our members provide can be built into tangible ROI and product testing reports.

We get your product into your consumers hands, helping sales grow, and there is nothing more effective or organic than the honest opinions and promotion from your customers.

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